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Aspire Oxford

Aspire's Enterprise Development Programme offers intensive support to people overcoming a range of challenges who want to find out about self-employment.

They're looking for volunteers whose skills and experience can make a difference to the development of a new business. Usually, it's just for a short period of time and you don't need to make an extensive commitment. With your help, our clients will take another step towards self-employment, self-realisation and financial independence.

The skills they currently need are listed below. If this looks like you then please contact Team Oxford's Hannah Mackie who'll put you in touch.

If there's a good match between your skills and the client's needs, an online meeting will be set up with you, the client and the programme manager. Sometimes a call is all that's needed. Sometimes volunteers offer further support to 'complete the job'. We're immensely grateful for that - you don't have to!

Here are the current needs

1. Basic E-commerce - experience to run through a website 

  • Our client has set up a photo restoration business – she is quite IT competent and has created a website which is not yet live.  She's keen to understand how a basic e-commerce process would work - really we want to understand the basic do’s and don’ts of e-commerce.
  • Commitment required: initial call with the programme manager (up to 30 minutes), Zoom call with the client and the programme manager (60 minutes)

2. Graphic Design – logo creation/business cards

  • A number of clients need support to create their logo and or to then design their business cards>
  • Commitment required: more open-ended, but a volunteer may take on one client’s logo design and see it through for example

3. Creating a Facebook page

  • Support to create or improve a business Facebook page
  • Commitment required: a few clients need support to set up or improve basic business Facebook pages 

4. Running an Amazon shop

  • We have a client who wants to explore running an Amazon shop and we would love to hear from someone with experience running an Amazon shop and prepared to share an introductory view of the do’s and don’t and other pitfalls in running an Amazon shop
  • Commitment required: initial call with the programme manager (up to 30 minutes), Zoom call with the client and the programme manager (60 minutes)

Website Design using templates (such as Wix, Weebly)

  • A few clients are considering a basic website at some point using a template - support with dos and don’ts would be amazing
  • Commitment required: dependant on the clients' needs, and your availability